Experimentation Launched for Innovative Remediation of Sediments in Bagnoli

Naples, 25 January 2024 – experimentation has begun for the innovative remediation of contaminated sediments in the National Site of Interest (SIN) located in the former industrial area of Bagnoli. The Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, the coordinating body of the LIFE – SEDREMED project, together with other project partners, has completed the installation of technologies in […]

LIFE Sedremed’s 2023 Journey: From ECOMONDO to Pollutec and AquaConSoil

The LIFE Sedremed team is glad to share our recent experiences from a series of significant environmental conferences: ECOMONDO 2023 in Rimini, Italy, Pollutec 2023 in Lyon, France, and AquaConSoil in Prague, Czech Republic.   ECOMONDO 2023, Rimini At ECOMONDO 2023, our team members Pietro Tedesco and Raffaele Vaccaro brilliantly presented the preliminary results of […]

LIFE Sedremed at SedNet Conference 2023: Uniting Experts in the Quest for Sediment Solutions

The LIFE Sedremed team recently embarked on an exciting journey to Lisbon for the 2023 SedNet conference, a renowned gathering of international sediment management professionals and experts. Throughout the conference, the enchanting coastal city of Lisbon provided the perfect setting for groundbreaking discussions and the sharing of innovative research in sediment management.   SedNet, as […]

Technological and policy solutions for the management of contaminated sediments in the EU

Executive Summary Industrialisation has caused significant pollution across Europe, and a key challenge today is the remediation of pollutants that have accumulated in the sediments of rivers and coastal areas.  Last month, EU and national representatives met in Brussels with experts and scientists to discuss the issues related to the management of contaminated sediments. This […]

Life Sedremed 1st Annual Meeting, Belgium

The sprint is over! Last week, SEDREMED partners met in Belgium for their first annual meeting. Our technology provider IDRABEL hosted us in their headquarters in Wavre.  February 7 – 9, 2023 Agenda On the first day, our scientists worked together at the Wavre laboratories of IDRABEL, to optimize the experiments on enhanced bioremediation of […]

Field activities begin for LIFE SEDREMED: first sediments sampled and BACTRAP installed

The LIFE SEDREMED project, being an innovative experimentation project, requires rigorous monitoring activity to verify its results. LIFE SEDREMED field activities began in July 2022 with the first sampling of sediments (about 70 kg of material) in the two areas designated for experimentation. These seabed areas of Bagnoli have respectively a high and low level […]

Press Release: EU-funded Bioremediation project launched in Bagnoli, Naples

INNOVATION FOR THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT Innovative biological solutions for the remediation of polluted marine sediments. LIFE SEDREMED project experimentation started in Bagnoli (Naples, IT) with cutting-edge technologies to intervene on the seabed of the former industrial area. THE PROJECT The project, co-financed by the European Commission with over €1.4 million under the LIFE Programme and […]

Launch of the Department of Eco-sustainable Marine Biotechnologies

NAPLES, 28 June 2022. The Anton Dohrn Zoological Station inaugurates the new headquarters of the Department of Eco-sustainable Marine Biotechnologies inside the Molosiglio dock in Naples. This is the first structure on the national scene entirely dedicated to marine biotechnologies aimed at an eco-sustainable approach. This new reality uses the interdisciplinary skills of highly trained […]