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Stazione Zoologica
Anton Dohrn

Person in charge of project:

The coordinating beneficiary, Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn” (SZN), based in Napoli (IT), is the leading marine environment and biodiversity research centre in Italy. SZN research involves the production and processing of marine biological resources, scientific diving, mesocosms and field research facilities, studies on extreme marine habitats, discovery of marine natural products for biotechnological applications, monitoring of marine environmental status and operation of research vessels for training and sampling.

SZN coordinated the ABBACO project, which characterised the contamination in the sediments of Bagnoli and represents the scientific baseline for the development of LIFE SEDREMED. In this project, SZN will be the principal coordinator and responsible for the sampling process, providing the laboratory, mesocosm and ship facilities for actions implementation.




Person in charge of project:

Invitalia is the National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development. It is owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy. Invitalia aspires to boost Italy’s economic growth, focusing on strategic sectors for development and employment. It is committed to reviving crisis areas and operates mainly in the South of Italy. Invitalia manages all national incentives that promote the creation of new companies and innovative startups. It finances small to large projects, targeting entrepreneurs with concrete development plans, especially in innovative and high added-value sectors. Invitalia provides services to the Public Administration for timely disbursement of EU and national funds, as well as in promoting cultural heritage. Invitalia is the Purchasing Body and Contracting Authority for the strategic execution of actions at the local level.

Invitalia has been appointed as the governmental executive agency for the Environmental Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration Program of Bagnoli-Coroglio. The goal of the plan is to valorise, through decontamination and regeneration actions, the geographic, landscape, environmental, social and cultural resources of the area, with the objective to restore quality of life and well-being for citizens.

Within LIFE SEDREMED, Invitalia is responsible for the permitting & procurement action (A2) and in general for developing synergies between project results and the main decontamination plan.



Person in charge of project:

Idrabel is a Belgian biotechnology company that develops, produces and markets biotechnological products allowing in-situ biodegradation of all industrial and domestic organic pollution in wastewater, sludge and sediments. Idrabel’s technology is based on the unique bio-fixation method, which allows to immobilise different microorganisms on natural mineral supports.

LIFE SEDREMED will enable the implementation of the technology in an unconfined bay, thereby enlarging the application field of bio-fixed microorganisms. In this project, Idrabel will provide to the partnership its engineering team to develop a specific mix of microorganisms and mineral supports adapted to the contaminants present in Bagnoli and to the sediment physical and chemical characteristics.




Person in charge of project:

EKOGRID OY, was established in 2009 and the Head Office is located in Helsinki, Finland. It is the sole owner of the IPR related to the EKOGRID™ Technology, which utilises electrochemical phenomena to generate chemical radicals and electro-osmosis to increase the availability of organic contaminants for bioremediation, chemical degradation or mechanical removal. During these years EKOGRID has developed applications, based on its own technology, to treat several different organic pollutants under various environmental conditions. 

For LIFE SEDREMED, EKOGRID will create an electrokinetically enhanced bioremediation process that can work under severe environmental conditions at Bagnoli Bay. The system must work in harsh physicochemical conditions and tolerate severe marine weather. EKOGRID will be coordinating the on-field implementation of selected technologies in the contaminated areas (action B2). 


Politecnica delle
Marche (UNIVPM)

Person in charge of project:

The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) includes 12 Departments spanning in the research areas of Life and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Medicine. The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (DiSVA) participating in this project owns high-qualified laboratories operating in the fields of marine biology and ecology, marine chemistry, ecotoxicology and conservation and restoration of marine environments. UNIVPM has extensive experience in analysing the ecology and biodiversity of benthic communities, assessing the impacts of contaminants at different levels of the marine food webs and in developing strategies and tools for impact assessment, and ecosystem remediation/restoration.

Within LIFE SEDREMED, DiSVA will provide background knowledge on the study area, will be involved in the design of the mesocosm and in-situ remediation experiments and in the monitoring of the efficiency of the remediation through integrated approaches (based on chemical, ecotoxicological and biological analysis).



Person in charge of project:

ISODETECT GmbH is a spin-off company from two German research centres (HMGU Munich, UFZ Leipzig) and was founded in 2005. It investigates degradation processes and contaminant sources at polluted sites. With on-going technological developments in environmental remediation, ISODETECT supplies analytical and scientific know-how to provide evidence, characterise and quantify the natural and stimulated transformation of pollutants as an integral part of clean-up technologies.

In LIFE SEDREMED Isodetect will be leading action C1 (Monitoring and measuring of the LIFE project key performance indicators and remediation results) and will implement techniques of Compound-specific Stable Isotope Analysis (CSIA), Stable Isotope Probing (SIP), metabolite detection and in situ microcosms (BACTRAPS) to elucidate biological and geochemical processes in subsurface compartments.


Nisida Environment

Person in charge of project:

Nisida Environment Srl is a start-up working on the transfer and implementation of innovative environmental technologies, environmental compliance and environmental strategic communication. Nisida Environment was created to enhance the transfer and replication of environmental innovation in southern Italy and in the Mediterranean area. The company focuses on environmental remediation projects and wastewater treatment. To foster the transfer and replication of technologies the company also specialises in the fields of communication, event organisation, stakeholder engagement, citizens engagement and environmental divulgation.

In LIFE SEDREMED Nisida will lead actions of replication and technology transfer (B4) and Dissemination (D1). Nisida will also be responsible for structuring and launching the MEDREHUB (the Mediterranean Remediation & Innovation Hub) together with SZN and Invitalia. Finally, Nisida will ensure that local residents are informed and actively involved in the decontamination & regeneration plan of Bagnoli. 

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